Mrs Ketchum

"Insanity is hereditary. You get it from your kids."

Ash's mother, her first name is not known. She only appears in a few episodes.

She occasionally refers to Ash's father, who is never seen but is also a Pokemon trainer. She thinks that his father would be proud of him, as she is. She cares about her son a lot, allowing him to leave on his Pokemon journey and giving him freedom, even though she misses him.

She is a good cook, and housekeeper, and her Pokemon is a Mr Mime who helps her with the housework. A wild Mr Mime wandered into her house, and she mistook it for her son (long story) and gave it a meal. When the real Ash returned, she realised that the Mr Mime was a real Mr Mime, but it liked her (probably 'cos of the food ^_^.) and stayed with her. She calls it Mr Mimie.

Another trait is that she is also a terrible taskmaster; Ash tries to avoid her when she is cleaning or gardening, as she is sure to ask a lot of him. She is a fairly typical sort of mother; cries when she's proud of Ash, scolds him in front of his friends, and has a weird tendency to constantly remind him to change his underwear. (I don't wanna know....)

In some ways, Mr Mimie has taken the place of Ash.

Her Japanese name is supposedly Hanako.

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